Make your Phone Friendlier


Let’s be real here. About 90% of Americans are using their phones for something. This phone activity has to do with both business and personal usage. One of the reasons why some online businesses fail is due to the mobile phone applications. Some companies don’t take the time to get their sites to be more mobile-friendly.

When this happens they end up missing out on a lot of potential traffic. They also miss out on building their brand up a bit more. If a customer can’t access a site online, 9 times out of ten they will move on. This is not something you want to have happen. This is why I am writing this content. I am here to help you succeed with making your mobile design more friendly to users. Below you will find some essential tools that you and your business need to keep in your arsenal. These tools also work well for those of you who use WordPress applications and themes. If you do not have Word Press yet, you might want to get it. Reason being, most of these tools down below will not work without the WordPress applications installed on your home computer and mobile device.

    1)WPtouch--This is mobile-themed WordPress. This is a great tool to have on your side. If you have either the Blackberry, Android, iPhone or the iTouch you will be in the perfect position to try this tool out.

    2)WPtap–This application can be used on all the above phones I just mentioned. It’s good for Word Press themes. This tool has lots of plugins and other applicators. If you have clients who use their phones a lot, you might want to get this tool. This tool is an essential for all business owners.

    3)The WordPress Mobile Pack–This kit has everything you’d expect it to, including some additional widgets and an administrative control panel. This kit is an all-in-one. It will help you complete tasks ranging from the simple to the complex. This kit is also going to help you with your whole process, from the writing and editing to the publication.

    4)Winksite–This site is all about you and your business. This site will help you out with forum chats, revenue building and customer branding. The best part about it all, the company does not take a single penny from your revenues. They get paid by someone else through the advertising and things of that nature. What you make you get to keep.

    It’s good to do some more research on this site to find out more. Based on what others have said, Winksite is someone you want on your side when it comes your online mobilization.

    5)Mobile Press–This tool is all about turning your WordPress blog into something that is more mobile-friendly. The best part is that you can do all of this from your phone. You can do your customization and design from your phone. This works alongside the WordPress application you may already have. If you don’t have either, get them both. One is good, but two is going to be twice as good.

    6)ZinadooThis tool allows you take your PC site and make it all mobile. You can also use this in combination with the Google Mobile application. Business owners tend to take their work home with them. I have done this myself too.

With these mobile applications you can continue the work you are doing, without having to miss a single second. These tools are going to be perfect for those who are the compulsive-workaholics, the career-obsessed.


Every business owner has to change with the times. It’s no different for those who do online work. Please take some of the web tools I have just listed into consideration, even if you just get one or two. These tools are going to be a lifesaver for each and every one of you.