Google Analytics


Every company wants to know how they are doing. Every company wants to see who is actually interested in their product and who is just “being nice.” When a customer is just being nice, you are not going to get anything authentic out of them. All you will get is a “fake front.”

This is not what you need. This not what any company needs. What you need is Google Analytics. This tool will take a look at everything you do. It will look at who is engaging with you on a regular basis and who is not. Google will look at how is actively seeking you out, versus someone is just looking for a quick fix.

You will get a detailed report every so often. Based on these reports you can make the adjustments you need. You can focus on the content and product placement that is your strength and get rid of the unwanted stuff.

Google Analytics is a multi-purpose tool that will help you in all aspects with your company. It will also give you a breakdown of where the sightings are coming from. You can expect about 30-50% of your viewers will be coming from your mobile community. This can also be used to strengthen your overall impact.

How many of you have already tried this out for your mobile business? How many of you have gotten favorable results from it? Please let us know in the comments down below.